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Our team includes Psychologists, Social workers and educators, "brain coaches" and a resource coordinator as well as graduate students from various disciplines and consultations with physicians, dieticians, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists.

Harriet Greenstone, M.A., O.P.Q., Ph.D.
Director, Centre MDC

Harriet Greenstone is an experienced psychologist who works with children, adolescents and adults. She has an M.A. in Educational Psychology and a Ph.D. in Integrated Studies in Education. Harriet has extensive special needs experience and has developed her own cognitive remediation program, Cogniroutes. She also offers Cogmed Working Memory Training (Pearson), and has done additional training in Collaborative & Proactive Solutions and Mindfulness. At Centre MDC, she offers social skills groups, brain training, parent education and support groups. In addition to her clinical practice, Harriet teaches child development at Vanier College, and has lectured at McGill University and University of Ottawa. She has spoken at many conferences and workshops. She is involved in two major research projects and has contributed to many special needs and other publications. She also offers supervision to young practitioners.

Hilary Greenstone, M.Ed.
Director, Educational Coaching & Home and School Mediation

Hilary has experience coaching and working with children in various domains, including teaching social, cognitive, problem solving, and attention skills, conducting in-depth reading and other academic assessments, and developing intervention plans for home and school. She has developed a parent education program, which teaches parents about parenting styles and mindsets and the best approaches for children to learn in a more successful manner. At Centre MDC, Hilary is available to work one-on-one with students or in small groups on social skills or areas related to academics (specializing in reading difficulties) or behaviour problems. Hilary is also available for home and school observations as well as academic testing.

Samantha Leibovitch, M.Sc.A.O.T.
Director, Therapy Services

Samantha is an Occupational Therapist specializing in pediatrics. She graduated from McGill University in February 2014 with a Master's degree, and her previous experiences of working with children have led her to pursue a career in a pediatric field. Samantha currently works at Summit School, a school for children with intellectual disabilities. There, Samantha helps students with developmental delays learn to adequately function in their daily lives, both at school and at home. Working on areas such as fine motor skills (ex: writing, cutting), sensory-motor abilities (ex: ball skills, trunk strength and postural control), visual perception, memory and attention, and activities of daily living (ex: dressing, eating, hygiene), an occupational therapist helps a child maximize his or her participation in daily life. Throughout her master's program, Samantha had the opportunity to work in various pediatric settings for her clinical placements, through which she had the chance to learn from experienced occupational therapists and broaden her knowledge to a variety of pediatric conditions. Samantha is excited to be a part of the Centre MDC team and is looking forward to meeting many new children and their families and expanding her career as an occupational therapist.

Tara Saxe, B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W.

Tara holds a Master's degree in Social Work from McGill University. Her professional and personal experiences have fueled her interest to work with individuals and their families, particularly when dealing with individuals with intellectual disabilities. As an assistant teacher at Summit School, a school for students with intellectual disabilities, Tara witnessed students and their families deal with daily difficulties and stresses and worked with students in reaching their greatest potential. Furthermore, as an intern social worker in child and family services at the West Montreal Readaptation Centre (WMRC), Tara was given the opportunity to accrue knowledge of this center's current services and programs and understand what improvements could be made in order to more effectively help individuals with intellectual disabilities. These opportunities have enabled her to foster skills to help her in her career as a social worker. Tara is available for any questions in relation to community resources for clients and their families.

Elyse Beigleman Rapps, B. Ed., M. Ed.

Elyse is a former first grade teacher with wide-ranging experience working with children from diverse academic and social backgrounds. She focuses on what makes your child unique and works diligently and patiently to develop teaching strategies that resonate with your child. In 2012, Elyse earned her Masters of Educational Psychology from McGill University. Since graduating, she has created and led various educational and social development groups and worked one-on-one with children and adolescents struggling with behavioural, academic and social issues. Elyse has been very involved in the non-profit sector as well where she directed and organized major fundraising events for the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada. Elyse is in the process of creating a new program focused on raising girls' self-esteem and helping girls deal with daily adolescent and teenage struggles. Elyse is also available for brain-coaching and social skills development sessions and would love to get to know you and your child.

Jesse Simms, M.Sc.(A), SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist

Jesse is a speech-language pathologist (speech therapist) with experience providing services to both children and adults. He completed his master's degree at McGill University in 2009. Jesse provides assessment and treatment sessions to clients of all ages. His areas of specialization include speech and language disorders, stuttering, and accent modification. Jesse has lectured at McGill University's School of Communication Sciences and Disorders and has participated in the clinical education of graduate-level speech-language pathology students. He has received additional training in several well-known programs, including the Hanen "It Takes Two to Talk" approach and the "Lidcombe Program" for children who stutter.

Jessica Zhang, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. Candidate

Jessica is a graduate student pursuing her Master of Education in Counselling Psychology at the University of Ottawa. Jessica believes in a holistic approach to counselling. Therefore, her theoretical framework is an integrative one, incorporating approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-based practices, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Jessica works with a diverse clientele with varying needs, whether it is working toward reducing feelings of anxiety, depression, or individuals looking for a career change or assessment. Her aim is to increase clients' overall well-being and support them in leading a meaningful and fulfilling life. Jessica looks forward to getting to know you and working collaboratively toward meeting your needs.