3869 Boulevard des Sources, Suite 205
Dollard des Ormeaux, QC H9B 2A2
(514) 683-8791 • info@centremdc.com

IMPORTANT: More "Parent Education and Support" classes will be starting in the city as well as the West Island. Click here for more information!

Centre MDC is a multidisciplinary center offering services to people of all ages from infancy to old age. Our services include evaluation, prevention, intervention, coordination, education and support. Our clients are individuals and their families who are experiencing difficulties in one or more of the following areas: intelligence/development, academic achievement, cognition, attention, memory, executive function, communication (verbal and nonverbal), social skills, and emotional regulation. We also collaborate and coordinate with their educators and/or health care professionals. The individuals themselves, as well as systemic relationships and goodness of fit of environments are considered.

Services are provided for individuals, groups, families and institutions (work, school, daycare, etc). We have a small resource library and resource consultants. We are a Cogmed Qualified Practice. Our team includes psychologists, social workers, psycho-educators, occupational therapists, speech/ language pathologists, "brain coaches" and a resource coordinator, as well as graduate students from various disciplines. We consult with physicians, schools, and other professionals working with our clients. We are creating and developing exciting areas in the fields of narrative psychology, narrative medicine and medical journaling.